Sunday, October 30, 2011

ADIDAS Auckland Marathon - Done

What a day! Up at 3:15am this morning for the early preparations for the marathon. I started with breakfast, toast with peanut butter and mashed banana and wanted to have rice pudding and cereal too but I couldn't face it. I also didn't want to drink anything to avoid toilet stops later on. I wasted 11 minutes last year queuing up for the toilet!

We left the house at 4:00am to pick up some like minded friends. Shayne kindly dropped us off in town to get the ferry to Devonport. No queues, just straight onto the ferry and over. The time went quick as we stood around chatting and then headed to the start line.

My friends moved forward towards the start line while I meandered to the back just before the walkers' sign. I spotted my sister in-law in the crowds and joined her and Cheryll. We waited together.

We were off! 6:10am we edged our way forward. I had to stay positive for as long as possible and this seemed easy all the way until about 8ks to go. A lady came up alongside me and asked how I was going. She was from Canada and we chatted for a while until she pulled back with a sore knee. Out of all the people there running with me, she was the only one that spoke to me and I couldn't help but think it was Philomen's way of letting me know she was with me. Goose bumps! That gave me the boost I needed until I reached the last 4ks. Donna, Shayne's cousin, was in her spot to cheer me on which got me to the end. The last 1.5ks I was met by some of Shayne's work colleagues sitting at a cafe. They cheered me through which gave me the strength to finish in style. 

I couldn't have run any further. Today, I feel that I ran my heart out. It wasn't the fastest marathon but it was my MOST determined effort and I feel proud of myself. 4hrs 21mins. MUCH better than I thought and I am VERY happy.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Auckland Marathon

Just a quick note to let you know that the Auckland marathon is on Sunday and I am still planning on doing it at this stage.

My training has been poor but I managed a 32k run with others and got through it ok although was dehydrated and it took me the day to recover!

Since then I have done a few little runs, my usual Saturday walks with the girls and Mike the trainer, on Thursdays, although I missed last week. Not enough running training and so it will be a hard one. I just want it DONE now and then I can move on and start afresh. 

Not sure what to do next, perhaps the Rotorua Marathon. I need to try and get out for more runs though. If anyone has any suggestions on other events, please let me know. So far I am thinking about the Kerikeri half marathon and the Cathay Pacific half.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

An Unselfish Time

As much as I know that I need to be out there building up my 'time on feet' for my marathon training, right now I feel that my time is needed elsewhere. I have always been one for going with 'what feels right' and will go with what is required. I have been keeping up with my running and the upcoming week should see a substantial increase in my mileage. I am currently dealing with life as it is dealt, as is the way it is at the moment and as is the way that it should be and I will do what is right for those around me. Rest assured though, I will keep up with my running and, no matter what, I'm confident of completing the marathon in a quicker time that last year.

If you are keen to do a marathon quicker that 4:30 then please stay tuned, this is what I'm hoping for. If you want to encourage me to do a quicker time than 4:30 then support me by getting me out for runs with you. Happy to join anyone one no matter how fast/slow. That's what we do to support our fellow walkers/runners :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Early As She Goes

Over the last few weeks I have been walking with Jo-Anne 2 - 3 times per week. We meet at her place at 7:00am and walk around the block. This week I have decided to get up that much earlier to give me time to run from my house to Jo-Anne's. This way I am forced into getting my run done early. My run to Jo-Anne's is up hill and so a gentle warm up, then the 2 of us walk for about 40mins on average and then I run home but add a circuit on to ensure I get at least 45 - 50 mins running time. This will increase over time.

I was done and dusted by 8:30 and my day was MEGA productive. I plan on doing this regularly whilst I'm walking with Jo-Anne.

In addition, I have Owen, a runner from way back and he is helping me with my motivation. He is going to run with me at least once a week, Wednesday evenings for now and we run for about an hour which will increase over time.

Apart from that, I am still going to Mike, the personal trainer, once a week although we missed Thursday. So far, that is going well. I enjoy it as he challenges me every week. It is NEVER easy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Is Trying Through a Trying Time

Hi all,
Since my last post I have had some bad news. If you haven't heard already, my team mate, Philomen, was tragically killed in an explosion on 4 June. I have gone through a process of grieving and while I hope that the worst is over I still have the odd very difficult day.
Philomen would want me to carry on with my fitness and I have ensured that I have maintained that part of my life as much as possible. I have been out for runs, just local and once a week my boys join me to run the Pipe Line (6kms), as is their way of supporting me through this time. I have been going to see Mike, a personal trainer, and he has worked me pretty hard, especially my core muscles and upper body which I have never really done before. I also attempted to walk the mountains with Moana to see if I could find my own way without my guides, Philomen or Sharon. It is my intention to run them regularly for my marathon training.

I chose today to update my blog as it was the first day of my training program for the Auckland Marathon. My training began a few weeks back to build up my fitness for the program and I feel ready for it although may struggle with motivation...please help me out with that with your words of encouragement.

Day 1 of Week 1
Goal: 40 mins
Actual: 6.5Kms in 40mins

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marathon Training 2011 Has Begun

I'm back! Sorry for lack of entries lately. Believe it or not, I have been out there doing stuff but have had no particular goal in mind and so didn't feel the need to add an update but just to keep you in the know, I have kept up with the mountain climbs with Sharon and Philomen, been on the odd short run including the stairs at Crum Park with my boys and I have just started going to a personal trainer, Mike, with 2 other ladies which is an expense but I believe it is value for money. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm also walking with Jo-Anne 3 times a week.

Today is the first day of my marathon training. I'm planning a 6 - 7km run after I have picked my boys up from school and then I'll meet Jo-Anne and Karen for a walk to warm down. Let's see if I can keep it up this time!

I need a 3 month training programme to follow so if you have any ideas, please let me know. I also need people to run with so please join me, especially on the longer runs. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Aneconda Event

It was lucky for me that I decided to do the Cathay Pacific half marathon as it appears that we are no longer doing the Aneconda event. One of my team mates is right in the middle of study and another has dislocated her shoulder.

What next? I was contemplating the Orewa half marathon but took time off to spend with my folks and it is amazing how much fitness one loses in just 3 weeks. I know that my next run will be hard and I want to take it easy for a bit.

Does anyone know of a good event to enter in Aug/Sept? Keen to train for something but want to take it slow this time with fewer training days per week.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Count Down to Cathay Pacific

Well folks, another event done and dusted. I had a good run with Barry but as per usual I died with just 2kms to go and lost time but hey ho, not too bad. I missed out on beating my brother's time by 1 minute and matched my best time for a half marathon with 1hr 54 mins. I'm happy with that, not ecstatic but happy.

I went for a short training run on Tuesday and did the Pipe Line and did some stair climbs with Barry at Crum Park on Thursday. That was all I felt I needed to do so close to event day.

I started a little nervous but, for a nice change, I had company with Barry and that helped to keep me relaxed. We ran the first km in 5mins and so started a little faster than I expected but the pace was set and we had to try and keep it going. The hills in the middle gave me a bit of grief but manageable until the last hill which was at about 16kms. I was sure it was the last hill and so I dug deep and took off. I managed to keep a relatively good pace until the 19km mark and slowed right down. It was hard to keep it up and when a young speedy lass passed me at a faster pace than me I tried to keep up with her for as long as I could.

But the BEST bit of the whole run was that my friends and family were there at the end to see me cross the line. Mum, Dad, Shayne, Karen, Michelle, Sharon and Philomen and just over the way was Barry's family to see him cross the line. AWESOME! What a difference it makes when there are people there to support you.

And so, even though I didn't beat Steven's time, I'm OK and feel good about the run. The training paid off and ow I just have to keep going for the next one. I'm going to take a small break while my folks are here with me although I will keep up with the mountain climbs with my buddies and do the odd run and then back in to it there after.

Thanks for your support, especially to Barry for his time and help with my training. It was invaluable.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Week To Go

That's right, one more week to go until event day - WOOHOO! I'm feeling confident and ready to go. This week has been busy but I managed to do all but one of my runs. I don't think I needed it though as today's run was great. More about that later but for now, here's how the week went:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - I ran the Pipe Line on my own in the heat of the day after work. (6kms in 37 mins).
Wednesday - Golf Rd (6kms in 35 mins).
Thursday -  Stair climbs at Crum Park with Barry.
Friday - No run
Saturday - No run
Sunday - 17.5kms with Barry. We ran the Carter Rd route and stopped at Crum Park to throw in 6 stair climbs. Just as we were about to part company and head home I met Denise and Sheryl out for a Sunday walk and so I joined them and we walked to Green Bay and back.

I believe that I am on track and looking ahead to next week I can't help but feel confident. 2 more 6k training runs to go and that's it. This time next week I hope to update my blog with my results and, all going according to plan, I will have beaten my brothers time. HERE'S HOPING! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At Last - Fitness is Kicking In

This week marked a turning point in my training and as a result I am feeling on top of the world!

I know that Monday is my rest day but Barry felt he needed to do a good fast run to try and sweat the cold out of him and so we were joined by my son, Josh, on a 6 k run of the Pipe Line. I enjoyed the run because it was spontaneous and fast. Josh set a good pace and Barry was close on his tail which meant I had to try and keep up. These are the runs that I enjoy most of all, challenging yet rewarding and I feel brilliant once they are done. Although the time set us on track for a 2hr 6min half marathon, our run up was much slower than the run back and so I think we are still on track for a great time.

On Tuesday I rested and enjoyed the company of my parents who have arrived from the UK. We went out for dinner with the whole family and Sue, Stu and their cherubs.

On Wednesday I walked the mountains with Philomen and Sharon and complained that I have done all this training yet I still can't run up all the mountains. I was to make a determined effort on Saturday...
The good news is that we continue to get faster and faster and so things are going well for the ladies and the mountains.

Thursday was a tough days training! Out with Barry, we went to Crum Park. "Give me a number." he said, about how many times I thought we could run up the stairs. I knew it had to be done but didn't want it to be too hard. (Lazy Mand). We had done 20 previously and I was amazed that I could do that many!
"25?" was my well thought out, weak estimate, although Barry had mentioned 30 previously. It goes to show, with a bit of support and encouragement it is possible to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We did 30! My legs were like tonne weights but I was energised and couldn't wait to get home and share the news with Shayne and the boys.

I took a day off on Friday but was up early on Saturday for the mountain climb with Philomen and Sharon. I complained again that, by now, I should be able to run up the hills. Well, I started off well and managed to run up and down Mt Smart. Next was Mt Hobson and up and down I ran. Feeling good about the way I had done so far I gave it a good go up Mt Eden and although I struggled I managed most of it. At last! The fitness is kicking in.

I have been running regularly since December and only now do I notice a difference. I HAVE to hold on to it now and keep my fitness up.

In preparation for Sunday's long run I cut my night out on Saturday short and restricted my alcohol intake. I have come this far and didn't want to blow it for the sake of a crazy night out. I had to do 19kms and for ease I thought I'd run up to the pipe line, add and bit and then run home. I had to run on my own but felt ready for it. I left at 4:00pm and the heat of the day beat down on me. I knew that I would have hydration problems but thought the tap at the pipe line would be enough. It wasn't but I carried on.

It was a hot day and plenty of bikers, runners, walkers, families and others along the way to keep me company. It is a beautiful spot to take the family for a stroll or ride the bikes. Some children fell off their bikes and one had a cut and so, just in case, take some plasters!

I felt quite slow but when I got home I was happy with my time 1hr 50mins. I was shattered! I remain quietly confident about event day and don't doubt the distance, it is the time that concerns me. Time will tell...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Training on Track

My training is on track and going OK. 2 weeks to go until the event and I'm hoping that I have done enough to get the time I want and beat my brother's time.

Monday was my rest day and I needed it! Just a tad tired after Sunday's 16k run.

Tuesday, I did 6kms of Golf Rd by myself as both my boys were off doing their own thing. It was a good run although was a reminder of how much I dislike running on my own.

On Wednesday, my boys and I went to Crum Park to do some stair climbs. This was the day that my friend arrived from the UK with her hubby and children and so I wanted the exercise to be done as quickly as possible. Josh managed 4 stair climbs and laps of the field, I managed 10 stair climbs and Luke did 11 stair climbs.

By Thursday my training was supposed to be a 5km run and with Barry but we changed the plan to add a bit of mileage. We ran around the block and cut short Godley Rd to turn down Taupo, which is a tad hilly! Onwards and upwards we continued and headed in the direction of Crum park where we went our separate ways. Barry went on to do some stair climbs at Crum Park while I headed home, feeling too tired to tackle the hills. Plus, I didn't want to over do my training at this stage. I have remained injury free and hope to stay that way. I ran home and mapped the run. We covered at least 8kms.

On Friday I took a day off and on Saturday, Philomen, Sharon and I started off from Mt Eden Village to do our usual mountains, Mt Smart, Mt Hobson and Mt Eden and I tried to run up the hills. I did OK until the last one at Mt Eden and so I feel there is a slight improvement. Patience is a virtue! Another good catch up with the ladies and we cut our time down to 1hr 5mins. We were happy with that.

Sunday, I met Barry for the long run. It is so hard to pick yourself up for those long runs but it has to be done. Barry planned the route and I was running blind with no idea which direction he would lead me on. Thankfully, we stuck to familiar territory and ran around Titirangi, Green Bay and New Lynn. We were going well although VERY thirsty but we carried on until we found a tap to drink from at New Lynn. The run was cut short at 13kms but then I had to run home and so we covered just under 15kms all up, assuming I measured it correctly.

I don't know what to expect for this half marathon. I have stuck to the program as much as possible and added exercise rather than missed any but I'm not feeling any fitter. I have lost weight and toned up a bit, I guess.

According to the regular speed that I am running so far, it looks as though I will not get the time I'm hoping for but then there is still 2 weeks to go. I have to stay positive and keep chipping away at the program...

Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Tired and A Little Stiff

At the end of week for of the Cathay Pacific training I'm still on track and going OK. Up until now I have managed to get through my training feeling OK and no major aches and pains but today, Monday (and thankfully a long w/end) I'm feeling stiff and tired. I guess it is part of the process but I'm LONGING for the feeling of fitness.

Week 4's training started off with my usual rest day on Monday followed by a 6kms run with my son on Tuesday. On Wednesday I went up the mountains, Mt Smart, Mt Hobson and Mt Eden with Philomen. We walked and did it in 1hr 20mins. Thursday was a BIG test for me. I went with Barry to Crum Park.
"How many times do you think we should run up the stairs?" He asked.
"Probably 4." I replied.
This was based on the times I'd run up them in previous weeks and I know how I feel after the few I have done. Not today though, Barry had other plans.
"Kirk's done 10." I was advised.
Well, ever so slightly competitive I feel obliged to say, "11 times then."
But Barry had other plans...
Up and down with a bit of walking and stretching the legs in between, 20 times later I was more than ready to call it a day. I could feel the muscles in my legs, that was for sure! We walked a bit and than split to run the rest of the way home.

That's the difference with training with people, I am suitable challenged with them where as I don't push myself on my own. I would NEVER have run up the stairs 20 times on my own.

Friday, it was too busy for running and so took my rest day but on Saturday I was up at 6 to meet Sharon and Philomen to do the mountains again. Mt Smart, Mt Hobson and Mt Eden and then off for a coffee and a muffin at Mt Eden Village. A girl has got to have some treats and I enjoy the company.
Sunday was the long run. I woke up early and thought, ironing or run. I chose to iron so that my son would join me ad he was yet to wake.

A wee bit of procrastinating until we finally left home just after 5:00pm and ran up to the Pipe Line. I advised Luke to cut his run short as he is only 14 and this run was perhaps too long for him. He was happy to turn back but got lost and ended up in Green Bay. He probably added extra k's to his run. Josh drove to the Pipe Line and walked it. Just a wee bit of exercise for him while his knee recovers from minor surgery.
16ks was a bit hard for me although I managed it and in an OK time but my body ached and I was shattered when I reached home. After all this running I'm still not feeling fit. Perseverance, I guess.

Oh well, week 5 and I am focused, determined to stay on track. Thank you for your emails and words of encouragement, AND hoots as you pass me by in the car. It all helps. Thanks too has to go to those that can run and train with me. I really appreciate your efforts, support, patience, time and sacrifices.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cathay Pacific Training - Week 3 Done

Week three and it seems to me that I have done SO MUCH more but I have ticked the boxes of only 3 weeks, according to the program I am following.

The week started well with a short 6k run with Luke on Tuesday but Wednesday was such a busy day that I didn't manage to fit a run in which meant I had to go for 4 consecutive days in a row to ensure I stayed on track. Monday is always a rest day.

On Thursday I would normally run with Barry but he had other commitments and so I did my Wednesday's run with Luke and we went to Crum Park to do the hill training. 4 times up and down the steps on the top field and 3 fast runs around the field followed by a steady run home. Again, I think I prefer the longer runs!

Thursday was also Josh's knee operation which, thankfully, he came through in excellent shape albeit a bit of pain and a limp. He will rest until Sunday and then his mild exercise will begin.

Friday, Luke and I did our usual, Golf Rd (6kms) and we were spotted by MANY. Only a few hoots though so please call out or hoot if you see us. Thanks Catherine for your encouragement! Luke isn't a fan of Golf Rd as he finds it too hilly but I can see that he is getting used to it now and his stamina is improving. I had a job trying to keep up with him this time.

On Saturday we were forced to run in the rain again and went for a Pipe Line run which, I must say, was pleasant. One should never be put off from running in the rain. Having said that, it was my plan to run at 6am the next morning with Barry, the long run for the week but the rain was coming down HARD and at 5:30am I made the call to put the run off until later in the hope that the crazy weather settled. 10:30am was still a no go and so we agreed to go at 1:00pm no matter what. I met Barry at Golf Rd and we ran up to Titirangi, did the Pipe Line and then headed home along Titirangi Rd.

Just before we reached Golf Rd, Barry suggested turning down a lane that leads to Crum Park to run up the hills 3 times. NO WAY!!!! I thought. I was shattered and ready for home. Then he gave me the next tip, put the hard yards in now and on race day it'll seem really easy. I must admit, I was tempted and I realise that what he says is true but it was too hard for me to contemplate on the day. Maybe next time...

Week 3 done and dusted. Next week I am back to walking with my buddies and we'll do Wednesdays and Saturdays, Mt Hobson, Big King and Mt Eden and so I look forward to that. All other days I will follow the program.

I spoke to my brother, Steven, and he is also in training for a half marathon, of course with a view to nudging his time up a bit making it harder for me to beat but I have the same view and to reclaim the half marathon title for the Maddock family. I hope that all this training pays off. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Good Weeks Training

Monday was my rest day and I felt as though I should be out running but hey ho, Tuesday came around quick enough and I went out for an evening run with my son, Luke. He ran faster than me again and I tried hard to keep up with his long legs.

On Wednesday we went to Crum Park and did a lap of the top field at pace followed by a sprint up the hill 3 times each and to be honest, I'd rather go for a long run! It was a killer! Then we ran home but that's mostly down hill, thankfully.

Thursday saw me out with my new running buddy again. We drove to the Pipe Line and managed to run it without stopping. I must admit that Barry appeared much fitter this time and I struggled to keep up with him. I can tell he will challenge me, just what I need.

Friday was an easy day which included a walk home from kindie and then to and from New Lynn shopping mall with my son, Luke. By Saturday I was grateful for a sleep in and then we had to get stuck in to getting the house sorted. Sunday was an early start with Barry. We were out at 6:00am and only had an 8km run. We headed to the Pipe Line, parked up and ran around the block, passed the Huia water treatment plant, Woodlands Park Rd, which is up hill and then up the hill onto Exhibition Dr.  It was here that I had to walk, just a wee bit to catch my breath and then we continued.

Once finished we had ice cold water to help - PERFECT!

Next training run is Tuesday and will probably go out with Luke again although may try something else. I shall let you know what I decide.

Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Running Buddy

I have just got home from my run with my new running buddy. Running buddies are a good idea to help with motivation and keep your mind off the pain that comes with long distance running. I recommend one if you can!

Feeling a little nervous that I would never be able to keep up with Barry I arrived at the meeting spot and didn't know what to expect. Barry was ready to go. We walked to the end of the road and began running with a view to making 13kms but we were running in the heat of the day. The pace was set and Barry offered a tip that you should be able to run at a pace that allows you to chat. A good, favourable tip, I thought.

The hill at Godley Rd, always a killer to get to Titirangi Road, was a MASSIVE effort to get up today. We walked, ran and breathed heavily! At the top we crossed the road and continued all the way down to New Lynn and back to Portage. It was a bit of a struggle here too but I knew that we were close to the homeward stretch. Back at Golf Rd we parted company and I ran home. We certainly covered the 13kms that I had hoped for and although I didn't record the time I believe that it was at a good pace and one that I'm happy with.

I hope to go out with my running buddy again on Thursday for a shorter run. I am optimistic about my training this time round and I'm feeling the benefits. Back to work tomorrow and so the challenge will be if I can keep my efforts up during my busy schedule. We shall see...

Rest day tomorrow and then I warm into the week with a short, easy 6k run on Tuesday. I'm also hoping that the walking will start again with my buddies, Philomen, Sharon and co up the mountains.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Half Marathon Training - Great Start

All going well tomorrow I can tick all the boxes for my first week of training for the Cathay Pacific half marathon. 8km run today at race pace was perhaps not at race pace but I completed the distance. Up hill to Titirangi Village and down hill all the way home.

Most of the way up I zoned out and used this time to think about going back to kindie. I'm looking forward to it and I have to say that I'm also looking forward to my training. After a week of exercise I'm feeling great!
Tomorrow, however, is going to be a test as I'm running with a buddy for the first time. He believes he can help me pick my speed up and crack the time I'm aiming for...We are aiming to do a 13km run. I'll let you know how we go. Wish me luck! I hope that I can keep up.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cathay Pacific Half Marathon - Another Tick

Today I have entered the Cathay Pacific Half Marathon
Hit the link for an on-line entry form if you'd like to join me. There is an 11k run/walk too.

The build up to my half marathon training has been enjoyable and I have kept my training to a minimum in terms of distance although took today off in preparation for the weekend. My official training started on Tuesday and my son, Luke, was happy to support me by joining me again on a 6k Pipe Line run, nice and easy. We took our time running the first 3ks but kicked it in on the last 3k. I enjoyed this because Luke runs much faster than me now and I try hard to keep up with him, a challenge that suits me perfectly.

On Monday and Wednesday we worked on some speed training which is beneficial for him with his rugby training. Wednesday was the toughest with 3 runs around the field at pace and 3 sprints up the hill at Crum Park. It was TOUGH! We jogged home until we reached the top of South Lynn and ran home as fast as we could. Once home I think I may have died...

On Thursday, as per my training schedule, I needed to do a short, comfortable run and so I called on my buddy, Anne-Marie, and we ran her block, La Rosa, left onto Golf Rd, right onto Portage and right on to Godley until we reached La Rosa again. We walked back to Anne-Marie's house.

Tomorrow I have to do an 8km run at race pace. I'm not looking forward but will give it a go. I'll also have to do it on my own. PLEASE give me the motivation to do it?!

On Sunday I hope to run with Barry, a runner much quicker than me. He is going to help me with my speed and try and get me to achieve the half marathon time that I'm hoping for. I'm planning 13kms.

Keep watching and support me through this. I WANT TO DO IT THIS TIME.