Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Tired and A Little Stiff

At the end of week for of the Cathay Pacific training I'm still on track and going OK. Up until now I have managed to get through my training feeling OK and no major aches and pains but today, Monday (and thankfully a long w/end) I'm feeling stiff and tired. I guess it is part of the process but I'm LONGING for the feeling of fitness.

Week 4's training started off with my usual rest day on Monday followed by a 6kms run with my son on Tuesday. On Wednesday I went up the mountains, Mt Smart, Mt Hobson and Mt Eden with Philomen. We walked and did it in 1hr 20mins. Thursday was a BIG test for me. I went with Barry to Crum Park.
"How many times do you think we should run up the stairs?" He asked.
"Probably 4." I replied.
This was based on the times I'd run up them in previous weeks and I know how I feel after the few I have done. Not today though, Barry had other plans.
"Kirk's done 10." I was advised.
Well, ever so slightly competitive I feel obliged to say, "11 times then."
But Barry had other plans...
Up and down with a bit of walking and stretching the legs in between, 20 times later I was more than ready to call it a day. I could feel the muscles in my legs, that was for sure! We walked a bit and than split to run the rest of the way home.

That's the difference with training with people, I am suitable challenged with them where as I don't push myself on my own. I would NEVER have run up the stairs 20 times on my own.

Friday, it was too busy for running and so took my rest day but on Saturday I was up at 6 to meet Sharon and Philomen to do the mountains again. Mt Smart, Mt Hobson and Mt Eden and then off for a coffee and a muffin at Mt Eden Village. A girl has got to have some treats and I enjoy the company.
Sunday was the long run. I woke up early and thought, ironing or run. I chose to iron so that my son would join me ad he was yet to wake.

A wee bit of procrastinating until we finally left home just after 5:00pm and ran up to the Pipe Line. I advised Luke to cut his run short as he is only 14 and this run was perhaps too long for him. He was happy to turn back but got lost and ended up in Green Bay. He probably added extra k's to his run. Josh drove to the Pipe Line and walked it. Just a wee bit of exercise for him while his knee recovers from minor surgery.
16ks was a bit hard for me although I managed it and in an OK time but my body ached and I was shattered when I reached home. After all this running I'm still not feeling fit. Perseverance, I guess.

Oh well, week 5 and I am focused, determined to stay on track. Thank you for your emails and words of encouragement, AND hoots as you pass me by in the car. It all helps. Thanks too has to go to those that can run and train with me. I really appreciate your efforts, support, patience, time and sacrifices.


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