Monday, July 11, 2011

Is Trying Through a Trying Time

Hi all,
Since my last post I have had some bad news. If you haven't heard already, my team mate, Philomen, was tragically killed in an explosion on 4 June. I have gone through a process of grieving and while I hope that the worst is over I still have the odd very difficult day.
Philomen would want me to carry on with my fitness and I have ensured that I have maintained that part of my life as much as possible. I have been out for runs, just local and once a week my boys join me to run the Pipe Line (6kms), as is their way of supporting me through this time. I have been going to see Mike, a personal trainer, and he has worked me pretty hard, especially my core muscles and upper body which I have never really done before. I also attempted to walk the mountains with Moana to see if I could find my own way without my guides, Philomen or Sharon. It is my intention to run them regularly for my marathon training.

I chose today to update my blog as it was the first day of my training program for the Auckland Marathon. My training began a few weeks back to build up my fitness for the program and I feel ready for it although may struggle with motivation...please help me out with that with your words of encouragement.

Day 1 of Week 1
Goal: 40 mins
Actual: 6.5Kms in 40mins


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