Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Mountains, No Shayne and No Rain

There was so much rain yesterday that serious rethinking about this weekend's training was in order. The expectation was that the rain would hang around until at least Saturday and so Sharon worked on plan B. In the mean time the mountain walk was put off once again as not only would it have been unpleasant in the rain but one of my team mates couldn't make it and she is our navigator. I'd be lost without her!

Although Shayne's excuse for not joining us was the weather I happen to know that he preferred to catch up on sleep as on Thursday, he went out for lunch and didn't come home until 4:00am the next morning. I guess that is one effect of the festive season.

I was up and ready by 7:30 and Sharon was well prepared a good hour or so before me with plan B. Here we are just before we left:

We walked for approx 25kms from home to Mt Albert, Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill and then back home through Blockhouse Bay which looked as though it was getting ready for the Santa Parade. Lots of people and balloons everywhere and excellent that the sun came out. Unbelievable that there was not a rain drop in sight. I looked for some of my kindergarten children and their families but no luck.

We had walked for a good 3hrs and so I plan on an easier day today. May put up the Christmas tree and get things ready for our next lot of visitors. Happy, happy, happy.


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