Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At Last - Fitness is Kicking In

This week marked a turning point in my training and as a result I am feeling on top of the world!

I know that Monday is my rest day but Barry felt he needed to do a good fast run to try and sweat the cold out of him and so we were joined by my son, Josh, on a 6 k run of the Pipe Line. I enjoyed the run because it was spontaneous and fast. Josh set a good pace and Barry was close on his tail which meant I had to try and keep up. These are the runs that I enjoy most of all, challenging yet rewarding and I feel brilliant once they are done. Although the time set us on track for a 2hr 6min half marathon, our run up was much slower than the run back and so I think we are still on track for a great time.

On Tuesday I rested and enjoyed the company of my parents who have arrived from the UK. We went out for dinner with the whole family and Sue, Stu and their cherubs.

On Wednesday I walked the mountains with Philomen and Sharon and complained that I have done all this training yet I still can't run up all the mountains. I was to make a determined effort on Saturday...
The good news is that we continue to get faster and faster and so things are going well for the ladies and the mountains.

Thursday was a tough days training! Out with Barry, we went to Crum Park. "Give me a number." he said, about how many times I thought we could run up the stairs. I knew it had to be done but didn't want it to be too hard. (Lazy Mand). We had done 20 previously and I was amazed that I could do that many!
"25?" was my well thought out, weak estimate, although Barry had mentioned 30 previously. It goes to show, with a bit of support and encouragement it is possible to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We did 30! My legs were like tonne weights but I was energised and couldn't wait to get home and share the news with Shayne and the boys.

I took a day off on Friday but was up early on Saturday for the mountain climb with Philomen and Sharon. I complained again that, by now, I should be able to run up the hills. Well, I started off well and managed to run up and down Mt Smart. Next was Mt Hobson and up and down I ran. Feeling good about the way I had done so far I gave it a good go up Mt Eden and although I struggled I managed most of it. At last! The fitness is kicking in.

I have been running regularly since December and only now do I notice a difference. I HAVE to hold on to it now and keep my fitness up.

In preparation for Sunday's long run I cut my night out on Saturday short and restricted my alcohol intake. I have come this far and didn't want to blow it for the sake of a crazy night out. I had to do 19kms and for ease I thought I'd run up to the pipe line, add and bit and then run home. I had to run on my own but felt ready for it. I left at 4:00pm and the heat of the day beat down on me. I knew that I would have hydration problems but thought the tap at the pipe line would be enough. It wasn't but I carried on.

It was a hot day and plenty of bikers, runners, walkers, families and others along the way to keep me company. It is a beautiful spot to take the family for a stroll or ride the bikes. Some children fell off their bikes and one had a cut and so, just in case, take some plasters!

I felt quite slow but when I got home I was happy with my time 1hr 50mins. I was shattered! I remain quietly confident about event day and don't doubt the distance, it is the time that concerns me. Time will tell...


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