Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Last Sunday of Training

Today was our last Sunday of training before event day. We started on the Parau Track near Cornwallis, about 12kms. Still muddy and slippery but also filled with laughter. We feel ready for event day, not in an athletes sense, I'd imagine, but with the confidence that we will complete the distance within the required time. I have training with Mike, Marion and Ann tomorrow, out with the Sharons to do 3x volcanoes on Wednesday and Saturday and one more session with Mike which will mark the end of a 3 month training programme.

In less than 2 weeks we should be down in Northburn ready for our race. I can't wait! Some photos to follow:
Michelle, Cheryll, Denise and Sharon out at Bethells 4/3/12

This is me crossing the stream 4/3/12

Walking beside Wainamu Lake at Bethells - almost done

We just clambered down the sand dune to the water

Our aim, to climb the sand dune as fast as we could - Great training!

The girls heading up. The smiles soon disappeared

Parau Track near Cornwallis 11/3/12

Joined by Megan

The team heading down to Cromwell for the Northburn Station Ultra-Marathon 2012
I'll let you know how we go. REALLY looking forward. I hope to be back soon to give you our update.