Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Week To Go

That's right, one more week to go until event day - WOOHOO! I'm feeling confident and ready to go. This week has been busy but I managed to do all but one of my runs. I don't think I needed it though as today's run was great. More about that later but for now, here's how the week went:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - I ran the Pipe Line on my own in the heat of the day after work. (6kms in 37 mins).
Wednesday - Golf Rd (6kms in 35 mins).
Thursday -  Stair climbs at Crum Park with Barry.
Friday - No run
Saturday - No run
Sunday - 17.5kms with Barry. We ran the Carter Rd route and stopped at Crum Park to throw in 6 stair climbs. Just as we were about to part company and head home I met Denise and Sheryl out for a Sunday walk and so I joined them and we walked to Green Bay and back.

I believe that I am on track and looking ahead to next week I can't help but feel confident. 2 more 6k training runs to go and that's it. This time next week I hope to update my blog with my results and, all going according to plan, I will have beaten my brothers time. HERE'S HOPING! 


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