Monday, February 28, 2011

Count Down to Cathay Pacific

Well folks, another event done and dusted. I had a good run with Barry but as per usual I died with just 2kms to go and lost time but hey ho, not too bad. I missed out on beating my brother's time by 1 minute and matched my best time for a half marathon with 1hr 54 mins. I'm happy with that, not ecstatic but happy.

I went for a short training run on Tuesday and did the Pipe Line and did some stair climbs with Barry at Crum Park on Thursday. That was all I felt I needed to do so close to event day.

I started a little nervous but, for a nice change, I had company with Barry and that helped to keep me relaxed. We ran the first km in 5mins and so started a little faster than I expected but the pace was set and we had to try and keep it going. The hills in the middle gave me a bit of grief but manageable until the last hill which was at about 16kms. I was sure it was the last hill and so I dug deep and took off. I managed to keep a relatively good pace until the 19km mark and slowed right down. It was hard to keep it up and when a young speedy lass passed me at a faster pace than me I tried to keep up with her for as long as I could.

But the BEST bit of the whole run was that my friends and family were there at the end to see me cross the line. Mum, Dad, Shayne, Karen, Michelle, Sharon and Philomen and just over the way was Barry's family to see him cross the line. AWESOME! What a difference it makes when there are people there to support you.

And so, even though I didn't beat Steven's time, I'm OK and feel good about the run. The training paid off and ow I just have to keep going for the next one. I'm going to take a small break while my folks are here with me although I will keep up with the mountain climbs with my buddies and do the odd run and then back in to it there after.

Thanks for your support, especially to Barry for his time and help with my training. It was invaluable.


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