Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday's Run - A Hard One

The goal was to run from home and up to Titirangi Village to meet Mrs G and then we'd walk the Pipe Line together. Mrs G is carrying an injury from a previous run and so is not pushing it too much at the moment.

Well, I left home and headed up to Golf Road, always a good climb, and really felt the heat. I reached Golf Road feeling a tad worse for wear and puffed and panted up towards Titirangi Road. I wondered why I was killing myself, it was hot and I was struggling. I found it really hard and so I walked up the rest of the way. I'm not happy about that and know that this was a run that was testing me to the max. I have run up that stretch of road several times and it is not normally a problem. It is my main run but for some reason I couldn't quite get there this time.

I promised myself that I'd start running again once I reached Titirangi Road and so I did although not at my normal pace. Once I reached the Village I was relieved that Mrs G was still on her way - I got to have a rest!
I sat at the bus stop, reflecting on all the reasons why I wasn't having a good run, until Mrs G arrived.

We walked up to the Pipe Line and picked the pace up, thankfully it was a tad cooler thanks to the protection of the trees. Needless to say, once we reached the car, I hopped in and Mrs G drove me home.

Not a good run/walk but I know that this happens sometimes, it is just a test of my spirit. I am otherwise fit and able and I won't let it get the better of me. Next training session - Wednesday with the team and we're planning on doing the 5 mountains again.


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