Monday, January 17, 2011

A Good Weeks Training

Monday was my rest day and I felt as though I should be out running but hey ho, Tuesday came around quick enough and I went out for an evening run with my son, Luke. He ran faster than me again and I tried hard to keep up with his long legs.

On Wednesday we went to Crum Park and did a lap of the top field at pace followed by a sprint up the hill 3 times each and to be honest, I'd rather go for a long run! It was a killer! Then we ran home but that's mostly down hill, thankfully.

Thursday saw me out with my new running buddy again. We drove to the Pipe Line and managed to run it without stopping. I must admit that Barry appeared much fitter this time and I struggled to keep up with him. I can tell he will challenge me, just what I need.

Friday was an easy day which included a walk home from kindie and then to and from New Lynn shopping mall with my son, Luke. By Saturday I was grateful for a sleep in and then we had to get stuck in to getting the house sorted. Sunday was an early start with Barry. We were out at 6:00am and only had an 8km run. We headed to the Pipe Line, parked up and ran around the block, passed the Huia water treatment plant, Woodlands Park Rd, which is up hill and then up the hill onto Exhibition Dr.  It was here that I had to walk, just a wee bit to catch my breath and then we continued.

Once finished we had ice cold water to help - PERFECT!

Next training run is Tuesday and will probably go out with Luke again although may try something else. I shall let you know what I decide.

Thanks for tuning in.


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