Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Sense of Direction

Ever since I can remember I know that I suffer severely from having no sense of direction and out on today's run, which was supposed to be the Cathay Pacific half marathon route, I went the wrong way and ended up cutting 3.5kms off my overall run.

We left at 8:07am from Okahu Bay and headed to Quay St to do the loop of the Strand back to Tamaki Drive. I had a map and found my way quite nicely until I reached Paratai Dr and instead of turning off I continued all the way to the end of the street, quite some distance. My running buddies were somewhere behind me. Not sure on which direction to and feeling slightly flustered due to the time constraints of the day, I decided to head right. It turned out to be a good choice as just as I reached the corner I could see my running buddies coming towards me from a different street. I ran with the for a bit and then took off along Kohimara Rd but instead of turning right I went left and ended on Tamaki Dr again! Grr! I contemplated going back to find the correct road but decided enough was enough and so continued on back towards Okahu Bay.

I got back to my car at 10:00am and so not happy that I cut short my run and even more unhappy that the time was not nearly as good as I hoped. I covered 17.5kms today instead of 21ks that I had planned and although I felt comfortable enough I slowed right down at the end.

I met a chap and chatted to him for while. He suggested teaming up with the YMCA Running club and I may consider this in the future. Hit the link for more info.
Next training run Tuesday or Wednesday.


Catherine Jones said...

Mandy you crack me up, I remember in Christchurch we would be walking along and whoops all of a sudden there goes Mandy in a different direction :)

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