Saturday, January 8, 2011

Half Marathon Training - Great Start

All going well tomorrow I can tick all the boxes for my first week of training for the Cathay Pacific half marathon. 8km run today at race pace was perhaps not at race pace but I completed the distance. Up hill to Titirangi Village and down hill all the way home.

Most of the way up I zoned out and used this time to think about going back to kindie. I'm looking forward to it and I have to say that I'm also looking forward to my training. After a week of exercise I'm feeling great!
Tomorrow, however, is going to be a test as I'm running with a buddy for the first time. He believes he can help me pick my speed up and crack the time I'm aiming for...We are aiming to do a 13km run. I'll let you know how we go. Wish me luck! I hope that I can keep up.


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