Saturday, July 31, 2010

3rd Week In

Sadly, I missed Fridays run. Lack of motivation and a strong desire to sleep got the better of me and so after work I went home had a coffee and a chat with my mother in-law and then had a sleep on the couch. It was SO cold outside and I wrapped myself up in a blanket. I was out like a light in moments - It was heaven!

I was due to go to a 21st that night and so gave myself a day off running but that meant I had to go today...I tried so hard to get out of it yet I knew that ultimately it would be better to go. I made a pact with Josh that we would go after the rugby game at the school today. Just 6kms...

As hard as it was we left together and got up the hill really quickly this time. My breathing was ok and I recovered at the top of the hill in no time to push on a stay ahead of Josh for as long as I could. About 2kms into the run Josh was ahead and the gap between us grew. As I mentioned previously I enjoy this kind of challenge and I tried to catch him. Over 6kms it doesn't hurt to speed up at intervals and so I tried it. Bursts of speed running and then slowed down again. Needless to say, as hard as I tried, I didn't catch him but finished only seconds behind him. A pleasing effort today as I really didn't want to go for a run but I felt SO good afterwards. I MUST remember this to help me when my motivation is lacking the next time. The good news, no pain in my leg today.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still on Track

Josh borrowed my car and dropped me off at work yesterday so that he could drive to squash after school and I could run home after a round about kind of way. It is odd having a son that can drive but I guess I will get used to it. He was under strict orders to text me each time he arrived at his destination.

After kindie today I changed into my running gear and waved good-bye to my colleagues. I was a little worried about my right leg and still a tad apprehensive about running too long a distance for fear of making it worse. I must have been about 3kms in to my run and this time I realised that my breathing was actually really good. Such a relief! The pain in my shin wasn't too bad either. The only time it gave me any real grief was when I had to stop for traffic. The starting up was very sore until I got going again. Any tips on recovery for shin pain (I'm hoping that it isn't shin splints) would be gratefully appreciated.

I covered just over 7kms today which was a bit more than I had expected with a couple of hills but do-able. I feel that I am still on track and I feel good about that. It is SO hard to be motivated and so I have to remember not to get side tracked (as I can so easily do). NO DISTRACTIONS, MAND!
Next training run will hopefully be tomorrow. I will probably do the 7kms run again and then on Sunday. I'll be running with friends for my last short, long run of 16kms...thereafter I up the ante and increase my mileage. Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Hill Got Me but Didn't Stop Me

As planned I did the 16km run today. I was tired due to the previous night's party but at least I didn't over indulge this time and got my friends home safe and sound.

I left home this morning, feeling apprehensive, knowing that I had the long climb all the way up to the village and then along the Pipe Line which didn't help with my motivation. After yesterday's run I noticed that my right shin had a bit of an ache and my dilemma was, should I go the distance or just do another short run.

I started to run up the hill and very soon I was left panting for breath and struggling. This is how I remember the beginning of my training to be from previous experiences and so why was my breathing no problem last week yet yesterday and today I struggled? "Just a test" I thought, tempting me to stop but I kept going although I worried about my leg. At the top of the climb up, 8kms into my run, I wanted to stop. Why am I doing this to myself? I still had 8kms to go but at least it was mostly down hill. If this was the marathon I'd really be in trouble. Thankfully I kept my wits about me and carried on all the way home. The pain in my shin seemed to vanish until I reached home. It isn't too bad and now I have 2 days off running to get it right again. Next training will be Wednesday, if not before.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday's Run with a Tip

Luke had a rugby game today over at Mt Albert Grammar and so he and Shayne left early. My plan was that I would join them with Josh as the driver and to give him some practice of driving on his own with his restricted licence, I'd run home after the game while he drove.

We watched Luke's game of rugby, a very, very muddy game which the boys LOVED and the added bonus of winning the game putting them in to the semi finals.

I guessed the distance to run would be between 6 - 7 kms about all I need to do ready for my longer run tomorrow. I started well. the route was pretty much straight but was stop, start due to traffic lights. Not a route that I will do again in a hurry.

Tip: Try not to over indulge on alcoholic beverages the night before a run.

I found it hard today. I was thirsty and tired and only had myself to blame because of the night before. I have a party to go to tonight and will be the designated driver for my friends knowing that I have a bigger run tomorrow.

The good news, I measured the distance when I reached home. 7.8kms. Next run tomorrow...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Better Than Nothing

Despite the busy schedule over the last 2 days I managed to fit a quick 6k run in with my son, Josh. To the end of Golf Rd and back. I tried hard to keep up with his long legs striding way ahead of my shorties but I only managed to catch him on the hill heading home about 4ks into the run and then it was short lived as just over the other side heading downwards, he snuck up behind me, over took me and stayed ahead all the way home. This was good for me because I ran faster to try and catch him.

All along the route we met friendly familiar faces. They probably think we are CRAZY!

Although today's effort was a tad shorter than I had hoped, a run is better than none. My muscles are still being used and I am still on track one week into my training. I am pleased that I made the effort. Next training run will be either tomorrow or Saturday.

The prize that we won at the Oxfam rewards night was for being 2nd fastest female team. We were happy with that.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still on Track

Today, straight after work, I came home, got changed and went out for my run of 7kms. The only way to deal with this type of training is to not allow myself to get distracted doing other things. They can wait. RUN FIRST and then get them done.

I struggled a bit on the hills today but my breathing is still good and no cramp or painful muscles. All I have is that I'm not feeling fit and I'm a tad heavy and awkward as I run. Still, I stuck to my plan, as hard as it was and I kept up my motivation. Next run will either be tomorrow or Thursday although both days are very busy. Let's see how I work that out...All part of the challenge.

Tonight I'm attending Awards Night for 2010 Oxfam Trailwalker. My team is in for a prize but not sure what for. I'll let you know on my next update.

Monday, July 19, 2010

16kms - Done

I managed to do 16kms on Sunday as planned and while I had no problem with my breathing I noticed that at about 7kms I started to feel tired. Once half way through I had to keep reminding myself to keep going as it will make things easier for the next run. One foot in front of the other...

I spotted a chap running ahead of me and I noticed that I was gaining ground and catching up with him and so I ran a bit faster. The funny thing was that any time I came close to him he'd run a bit faster and so I was never able to catch him until near the end of the track. He stopped to walk and I still had 5kms to go but I certainly enjoyed the challenge of trying to catch him. This is good training too as it helps to build up speed. However, it was perhaps a bit early in my training program to be playing such games. We shared a few words of banter as I passed him and I got the impression that he enjoyed the challenge of staying ahead of me as much as I did trying to catch him. The things we do...

The last 5kms of this particular run is down hill almost all the way and I let gravity do its job. This is my reward for getting the hills out of the way first. All in all it was a good run. It is early days yet but I have to say, so far so good. I just have to keep it going. 104 days to go and counting. Next training run will be Tuesday, all going well.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Run 2 - Done

Thank you Nina, for your comment. It gave me a boost and certainly helped with my motivation! Glad to have you with me on my next journey and look forward to any tips you may have for a fellow marathon runner.

I left home at 11am to do a short 7k run with my son, Josh. I chose this distance to warm into the longer run tomorrow. My plan is to give myself about 3 weeks to get used to running again and then load on the distance runs soon's hoping.

My run today felt good although I certainly didn't expect it to. Generally it has taken me a lot more than 2 runs to feel comfortable but hey ho, I'm delighted and hopefully all my runs will be as good.

When I say good, I mean I was able to get into rhythm and didn't struggle with my breathing. I relaxed into run mode and although a slow pace I picked it up towards the end and came home feeling like I could go again. Let's hope that feeling lasts until at least tomorrow as I'm planning a 16k (10mile) run, rain or shine.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marathon Training Has Begun

Better late than never. I have procrastinated for way too long and in a passing statement to Josh the other day I happened to mention that if he passed his driving test I would start my marathon training. He passed and so today I headed out on the first of my many training runs.

It was only a short one as I feel the need to ease into it but with a view to cramming in some serious, longer runs in the middle before winding down towards event day. I have been told that both the Auckland marathon and half marathon have sold out already and so I was lucky I got in when I did.

Today I did Golf Rd, 6kms and without the company of others for a change. It had to be done and now I've done it my next run won't be as hard, mentally. I always find that once the first one is out of the way then I'm good to go for the rest. Here's hoping.

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself and now I just have to keep it up. Stay with me and support me through this. I need all the motivation I can get.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Boy Passed

Just a quick update to let you all know that my Josh passed his Restricted Drivers licence today. That means that he can now drive on his own...While I am happy for him I still feel the need to escort him on his travels, just for a wee bit longer. WELL DONE MY BOY!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Trip Home - Family and Friends

This is a photostory of my trip home to London. I had the BEST time with family and friends. Enjoy.