Saturday, July 30, 2011

An Unselfish Time

As much as I know that I need to be out there building up my 'time on feet' for my marathon training, right now I feel that my time is needed elsewhere. I have always been one for going with 'what feels right' and will go with what is required. I have been keeping up with my running and the upcoming week should see a substantial increase in my mileage. I am currently dealing with life as it is dealt, as is the way it is at the moment and as is the way that it should be and I will do what is right for those around me. Rest assured though, I will keep up with my running and, no matter what, I'm confident of completing the marathon in a quicker time that last year.

If you are keen to do a marathon quicker that 4:30 then please stay tuned, this is what I'm hoping for. If you want to encourage me to do a quicker time than 4:30 then support me by getting me out for runs with you. Happy to join anyone one no matter how fast/slow. That's what we do to support our fellow walkers/runners :)


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