Friday, January 7, 2011

Cathay Pacific Half Marathon - Another Tick

Today I have entered the Cathay Pacific Half Marathon
Hit the link for an on-line entry form if you'd like to join me. There is an 11k run/walk too.

The build up to my half marathon training has been enjoyable and I have kept my training to a minimum in terms of distance although took today off in preparation for the weekend. My official training started on Tuesday and my son, Luke, was happy to support me by joining me again on a 6k Pipe Line run, nice and easy. We took our time running the first 3ks but kicked it in on the last 3k. I enjoyed this because Luke runs much faster than me now and I try hard to keep up with him, a challenge that suits me perfectly.

On Monday and Wednesday we worked on some speed training which is beneficial for him with his rugby training. Wednesday was the toughest with 3 runs around the field at pace and 3 sprints up the hill at Crum Park. It was TOUGH! We jogged home until we reached the top of South Lynn and ran home as fast as we could. Once home I think I may have died...

On Thursday, as per my training schedule, I needed to do a short, comfortable run and so I called on my buddy, Anne-Marie, and we ran her block, La Rosa, left onto Golf Rd, right onto Portage and right on to Godley until we reached La Rosa again. We walked back to Anne-Marie's house.

Tomorrow I have to do an 8km run at race pace. I'm not looking forward but will give it a go. I'll also have to do it on my own. PLEASE give me the motivation to do it?!

On Sunday I hope to run with Barry, a runner much quicker than me. He is going to help me with my speed and try and get me to achieve the half marathon time that I'm hoping for. I'm planning 13kms.

Keep watching and support me through this. I WANT TO DO IT THIS TIME.


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