Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday's Run with a Tip

Luke had a rugby game today over at Mt Albert Grammar and so he and Shayne left early. My plan was that I would join them with Josh as the driver and to give him some practice of driving on his own with his restricted licence, I'd run home after the game while he drove.

We watched Luke's game of rugby, a very, very muddy game which the boys LOVED and the added bonus of winning the game putting them in to the semi finals.

I guessed the distance to run would be between 6 - 7 kms about all I need to do ready for my longer run tomorrow. I started well. the route was pretty much straight but was stop, start due to traffic lights. Not a route that I will do again in a hurry.

Tip: Try not to over indulge on alcoholic beverages the night before a run.

I found it hard today. I was thirsty and tired and only had myself to blame because of the night before. I have a party to go to tonight and will be the designated driver for my friends knowing that I have a bigger run tomorrow.

The good news, I measured the distance when I reached home. 7.8kms. Next run tomorrow...


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