Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Attempt to Run

As mentioned, I went out for a long run with Michelle etc last Sunday. We were to do the 32km run to cover some of the route of the marathon, along from Pt Erin to St Helliers and back.

I reached 16kms of the run in good form and felt fine but at the turn around point I realised that this was too big a run for me and that my stamina was not there for such a distance. At 20kms I was hopeful that I could keep up with the girls but was beginning to slow down and at 22kms I encouraged Michelle to keep up with her buddies and not to wait for me. Off they went and as the distance between us grew I wished that I had managed to keep up with my training. I could see through them how the training really pays off. They could go the distance while I was fading fast. At 24kms, enough was enough. I talked myself into walking and used the excuse that my plan was to run/walk the event anyway and not run the whole thing. I fought with this for another km before finally giving in to walk. I met the girls as they looped around town to ensure they made 32kms and they showed me the short cut back to the car. With my throbbing head down and muscles screaming in pain I walked back to the car.

I reflected on my performance today and while Michelle and co used very encouraging words I felt like I had let myself down. I couldn't go the distance and the reason for this is that I didn't keep up with my training.

I had such a busy day planned for Sunday but instead, after the run, I headed home with my head pounding and my body a tad worse for wear and curled up on the sofa for a LONG sleep. There I stayed for 6 hours!

With a trip to Christchurch the next day (for a 4 day conference) I needed to pack my bags and I had a function to attend on Sunday evening, plus a house to organise for the boys in my absence. I couldn't really afford to sleep for 6 hours and I didn't feel the benefit of it when I woke up. That, my friends, is testimony to the importance of training and building up to the longer distances.

A week on and NO TRAINING runs all week, this marathon is not looking good for me. I may yet explore the possibility of selling my ticket on the internet. What's a girl to do? Where to from here? Stay with me to find out...


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