Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Hill Got Me but Didn't Stop Me

As planned I did the 16km run today. I was tired due to the previous night's party but at least I didn't over indulge this time and got my friends home safe and sound.

I left home this morning, feeling apprehensive, knowing that I had the long climb all the way up to the village and then along the Pipe Line which didn't help with my motivation. After yesterday's run I noticed that my right shin had a bit of an ache and my dilemma was, should I go the distance or just do another short run.

I started to run up the hill and very soon I was left panting for breath and struggling. This is how I remember the beginning of my training to be from previous experiences and so why was my breathing no problem last week yet yesterday and today I struggled? "Just a test" I thought, tempting me to stop but I kept going although I worried about my leg. At the top of the climb up, 8kms into my run, I wanted to stop. Why am I doing this to myself? I still had 8kms to go but at least it was mostly down hill. If this was the marathon I'd really be in trouble. Thankfully I kept my wits about me and carried on all the way home. The pain in my shin seemed to vanish until I reached home. It isn't too bad and now I have 2 days off running to get it right again. Next training will be Wednesday, if not before.


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