Saturday, July 17, 2010

Run 2 - Done

Thank you Nina, for your comment. It gave me a boost and certainly helped with my motivation! Glad to have you with me on my next journey and look forward to any tips you may have for a fellow marathon runner.

I left home at 11am to do a short 7k run with my son, Josh. I chose this distance to warm into the longer run tomorrow. My plan is to give myself about 3 weeks to get used to running again and then load on the distance runs soon's hoping.

My run today felt good although I certainly didn't expect it to. Generally it has taken me a lot more than 2 runs to feel comfortable but hey ho, I'm delighted and hopefully all my runs will be as good.

When I say good, I mean I was able to get into rhythm and didn't struggle with my breathing. I relaxed into run mode and although a slow pace I picked it up towards the end and came home feeling like I could go again. Let's hope that feeling lasts until at least tomorrow as I'm planning a 16k (10mile) run, rain or shine.


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