Thursday, July 22, 2010

Better Than Nothing

Despite the busy schedule over the last 2 days I managed to fit a quick 6k run in with my son, Josh. To the end of Golf Rd and back. I tried hard to keep up with his long legs striding way ahead of my shorties but I only managed to catch him on the hill heading home about 4ks into the run and then it was short lived as just over the other side heading downwards, he snuck up behind me, over took me and stayed ahead all the way home. This was good for me because I ran faster to try and catch him.

All along the route we met friendly familiar faces. They probably think we are CRAZY!

Although today's effort was a tad shorter than I had hoped, a run is better than none. My muscles are still being used and I am still on track one week into my training. I am pleased that I made the effort. Next training run will be either tomorrow or Saturday.

The prize that we won at the Oxfam rewards night was for being 2nd fastest female team. We were happy with that.


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