Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still on Track

Josh borrowed my car and dropped me off at work yesterday so that he could drive to squash after school and I could run home after a round about kind of way. It is odd having a son that can drive but I guess I will get used to it. He was under strict orders to text me each time he arrived at his destination.

After kindie today I changed into my running gear and waved good-bye to my colleagues. I was a little worried about my right leg and still a tad apprehensive about running too long a distance for fear of making it worse. I must have been about 3kms in to my run and this time I realised that my breathing was actually really good. Such a relief! The pain in my shin wasn't too bad either. The only time it gave me any real grief was when I had to stop for traffic. The starting up was very sore until I got going again. Any tips on recovery for shin pain (I'm hoping that it isn't shin splints) would be gratefully appreciated.

I covered just over 7kms today which was a bit more than I had expected with a couple of hills but do-able. I feel that I am still on track and I feel good about that. It is SO hard to be motivated and so I have to remember not to get side tracked (as I can so easily do). NO DISTRACTIONS, MAND!
Next training run will hopefully be tomorrow. I will probably do the 7kms run again and then on Sunday. I'll be running with friends for my last short, long run of 16kms...thereafter I up the ante and increase my mileage. Wish me luck!


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