Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marathon Training Has Begun

Better late than never. I have procrastinated for way too long and in a passing statement to Josh the other day I happened to mention that if he passed his driving test I would start my marathon training. He passed and so today I headed out on the first of my many training runs.

It was only a short one as I feel the need to ease into it but with a view to cramming in some serious, longer runs in the middle before winding down towards event day. I have been told that both the Auckland marathon and half marathon have sold out already and so I was lucky I got in when I did.

Today I did Golf Rd, 6kms and without the company of others for a change. It had to be done and now I've done it my next run won't be as hard, mentally. I always find that once the first one is out of the way then I'm good to go for the rest. Here's hoping.

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself and now I just have to keep it up. Stay with me and support me through this. I need all the motivation I can get.


Nina Rich said...

Good start Mandy! You'll be amazed in 18 weeks when you look back at this run and see how far you've come. I've just completed my first marathon, and it's been such a rewarding experience. The training was tough and to begin with I just couldn't comprehend running 42km! Once you start hitting your 30km training runs (and you will get there!) you'll realise that it is achievable and you'll feel a new confidence.

Look forward to following your progress!

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