Sunday, January 9, 2011

Running Buddy

I have just got home from my run with my new running buddy. Running buddies are a good idea to help with motivation and keep your mind off the pain that comes with long distance running. I recommend one if you can!

Feeling a little nervous that I would never be able to keep up with Barry I arrived at the meeting spot and didn't know what to expect. Barry was ready to go. We walked to the end of the road and began running with a view to making 13kms but we were running in the heat of the day. The pace was set and Barry offered a tip that you should be able to run at a pace that allows you to chat. A good, favourable tip, I thought.

The hill at Godley Rd, always a killer to get to Titirangi Road, was a MASSIVE effort to get up today. We walked, ran and breathed heavily! At the top we crossed the road and continued all the way down to New Lynn and back to Portage. It was a bit of a struggle here too but I knew that we were close to the homeward stretch. Back at Golf Rd we parted company and I ran home. We certainly covered the 13kms that I had hoped for and although I didn't record the time I believe that it was at a good pace and one that I'm happy with.

I hope to go out with my running buddy again on Thursday for a shorter run. I am optimistic about my training this time round and I'm feeling the benefits. Back to work tomorrow and so the challenge will be if I can keep my efforts up during my busy schedule. We shall see...

Rest day tomorrow and then I warm into the week with a short, easy 6k run on Tuesday. I'm also hoping that the walking will start again with my buddies, Philomen, Sharon and co up the mountains.


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