Monday, December 6, 2010

3 Mountains to Climb

On Saturday I went out with Sharon and Philomen from my last team event and Michelle from the previous team events witha  view to doing 3 mountains. I had an idea that I'd walk with the ladies until the climb up and then I'd try to run up. Michelle, who is incredibly fit and recently did her fastest marathon, decided she would run up with me.

We ran the first 1 and a half but on the last one, Mt Eden, my legs were so heavy that I didn't quite have the stamina. Mt Eden is a tricky one with so many different ways to climb up and we chose the hardest! (Not my choice but hey ho, go with the flow). Once we reached the top the hard work was done and this was my first bit of exercise for 2 weeks. I felt ok but have some serious work to do to get back on track and so I will be doing this again on next Saturday.

Once we had finished it was time for coffee and a scone for a well earned break.

This training will help us to get into shape but I'll also be starting my half marathon training very soon. What with Christmas, end of term, ERO visit to my kindie and everything else that needs to be done. It is a VERY busy time. I'm exhausted and I haven't even started yet!


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