Monday, November 29, 2010

Recovering from Injury

I went out for a 2 hour stint but wore a pair of old ankle socks that were lower than the heal of my shoe which, as I moved, rubbed on the backs of my heals. I tried to pull my socks up but since there was no real pain, I carried on. It was only when I reached home that I realised how severe the damage caused by constant rubbing was on the backs of my heals. By Sunday I could hardly walk. There was no leverage in my foot.

I planned on going to see the nurse to get the wounds dressed. They were blisters that had rubbed which broke the skin, similar to friction burns. The nurse was horrified and called the doctors who promptly prescribed antibiotics as both wounds had become infected. By Monday both my feet and lower legs were swollen and by Tuesday, the infection had reached my right knee. I guess that by Wednesday, the antibiotics kicked in and I could walk with a limp. I returned to work.

Yesterday was the first day of not covering the wounds as they had scabbed over and were dry. Today they are well and truly better and the skin is looking normal. I should be back to training by the weekend and I can't wait.

Another update to follow shortly.


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