Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Gift of a Poem

When it was time for one of the children at my kindy to move on to school, he gave each of his teachers a gift of a poem written by his mum. A thoughtful, caring gesture that meant such a lot:

Two little eyes
Discovering what's new
Two little hands
Touching everything in view
A sweet little voice
Asking you why
A mischievous smile
And a whimpering cry
Two little feet
Jumping on the floor
A toddler's mission
Is to explore

And now the toddler is a little boy
Going off to school full of joy
Still with two eyes and hands
To discover and view
All things new
For what you have taught him will bode him well
When it's his turn to stand up in class and tell
Of all he has learnt
From all of you -
To stay independent, honest and true
For what more can I want for a stepping stone for my son
Than what you have guided him to become.


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