Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Build up to Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all! I hope that you had a fun-filled, family time full of festivities and laughter. I know that I did and it was great to wake up this morning (Boxing Day) refreshed and relaxed with my family around me and not having to rush off somewhere. We are heading to the 20/20 cricket this afternoon but at least we get to warm into our day first - HEAVEN!

Last Saturday I went for a 2 hour walk with Sharon up to the Pipe Line in Titirangi and back along the other side towards Titirangi Village again and all the way home. It is an upward climb to the village and I always forget how hard it is, especially when there is a strong head wind. I can't remember the distance but we have covered this walk many times in the past. We also ran segments of it. It is good to be out with my buddies again and on reflection, after OXFAM it took a while to get back into regular exercise but I missed our team walks. After Christmas we will be back into it again with our mountain hikes.

On Tuesday, my son, Luke, asked me if I'd go for a run with him as he has to keep his fitness up for rugby when he's back at school. Not one to deter him from his efforts I had to agree and support him in his goals. Like me, her prefers to train with others and he wanted to do our regular 6kms run (Golf Rd). We took off together but it didn't take long for him to leave me. "Not too fast!" I yelled "Save your energy!" but he ran hard and fast. I admired him for this but knew what was ahead for him. After all it was his first bit of exercise since school, some 3 weeks ago! Needless to say I caught up with him. He wanted to stop for water and walk some. My advice was for him to soldier on, not walk, just slow down but he confessed to not having the right attitude...something to work on for the next time. I ran home and made it a good 7.5 minutes ahead of him.

On Christmas Day the four of us did our traditional 6k run (Golf Rd). Not a normal tradition for most people, perhaps, but it is something that bonds us as a family. We had a bet on who would come first and we all agreed on Josh. I based my bet on Luke's effort on Tuesday's run and Shayne always comes last while I struggle to keep up with Josh and his long legs these days. As it turns out, Luke had the right attitude this time round. He and Josh took off ahead of us together. Shayne...well, I didn't see Shayne again until I was on my way back and he was WALKING! Josh has a dodgy knee and was finding it really uncomfortable to run. He has been booked in for surgery in January (more on that later). I passed him on the run as he struggled on but unlike his dad, he didn't walk. He told me that his knee wasn't painful but that it felt very uncomfortable and so he slowed down to a more comfortable pace. Poor chap!

That's the extent of my exercise for the week up to Christmas. I believe my half marathon training starts on 4 January but I hope to do a few little runs and walks before then.



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