Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting There!

This week saw me out twice to do the same as last Saturday. On Wednesday I met Philomen at New Market and we were joined by Mark and Tuan to do Mt Hobson (Remuwera in Māori), 3 Kings (Te Tatua a Riukiuta)  and Mt Eden (Maungawhau, the Mountain of the Whau tree in Māori). These, I sometimes refer to as hills, sometimes mountains but very rarely do I refer to them as what they are, volcanoes. If you are interested, please hit the links. You will also see pictures of them via the links.

Our education system in the UK, back when I was a lass, was such that my understanding of volcanoes was that they are massive, erupting, lava fueled, red hot, deadly things that cause destruction and disaster. There is no way that I would ever have imagined I'd be running up them! Well, at least attempting to run...

It is good to be out there with people again and I'm already feeling the benefits of it after just 3 sessions. If anyone wants to join us, drop me a line and we'll plan it. You won't regret it!

I walked up the mountains on Wednesday but today's effort was slightly more challenging because I wanted to run up to go beyond the point that I ran up to last week. I did it and so next week I hope to run a bit further again with a view to running up the  mountains without walking...Let's see if I can do it...My buddies are happy to walk up and believe me, that's a challenge in itself! Good though. It amazes me when we see these super fit people that run up time and time again with no walking. I'd LOVE to be that fit.

And so folks, I'm back into it, slowly, and feeling really good about it. I just have to keep it up and start the New Year feeling great!  

I should be out again after work on Wednesday, all going well. It is hard trying to cram it in but I feel it is important and hope to keep it up. Until next time, be safe and remember (Auckland friends only), if you need a designated driver, my Christmas gift to you this year is my commitment to come and pick you up from your Christmas parties to get you home safe and sound. I am alcohol free for you. Merry Christmas!


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