Tuesday, January 5, 2010

7km Run to Up, Up and Up!

After my week off to recover from a strained calf muscle I started back running this evening. I was joined by Josh and Ann-Marie and we ran just over 7kms.

My event is just over a week away and I'm feeling slightly unprepared! However, I will not doubt myself but I know that it will be tough because my training should have been better.

7ks was a good distance. We started at La Rosa, left onto Golf Rd, Right onto South Lynn, all the way down Hutchinson to Rankin, right onto Clark St, Right onto Portage Rd at the round about and all the way to Godley Rd.

I started to feel really good at this point and so I believe the distance, 21ks shouldn't be the problem - IT'S JUST THE HILLS! We finished on La Rosa again but not enough hills. Having said that, the hill at the end proved pretty tough.

Home for a quick shower and then Shayne, Josh, Luke and I went off to Extreme Edge West for a bit of rock climbing. Located at 5 Waikuakua Rd, Glen Eden. Here's their link if you are interested:

Extreme Edge West

I was introduced to this fantastic place through kindy. They were good enough to let us come and give the children a go for free and so I will continue to use them for their generosity.

We had a family competition and challenged each other for different climbs. I didn't do too badly at all given that my upper body strength has NEVER been something that I am proud of but my youngest boy, Luke, was away. Even when his arms were shaking, and he was clearly tired, some how he managed to get to the top, EVERY TIME. I have always said that he runs on Ever Ready batteries or something as he never seems to stop. At bed time, however, he is out like a light, recoups and is ready for his next day. I love that about him.

Signing off now feeling mighty proud of my boys.


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