Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Run at Waihi Beach

Off on a girl's weekend to Waihi to celebrate our Karen's birthday with her gave me an opportunity to go for a run in new territory. I'm just a tad nervous when I'm not familiar with the place but I had to get at least one run in on the weekend and so I threw on my running gear and began to explore.

I soon found a petrol station where I was able to pick up supplies and a kind man, who told me he was associated to the Waihi Tramping Club, gave me an idea of where to run, an off road track that leads over to Orokawa Bay which is located north of Waihi Beach. The track starts at the northern end of Waihi Beach.

I ran for about 50 minutes all up and it was a very pleasant, enjoyable run. Absolutely stunning scenary and I hope to go back again one day soon.

Next training session should be on Monday...


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