Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 Teams v 5 Mountains

3 of my team mates turned up for our regular Wednesday training session and all 4 of Shayne's. Our 4th team mate is currently in training for a half iron man event and has her own training plan for a while. Sharon is back with us after a break to recoup and although not ready to run yet, she has no problems keeping up.

The 2 teams, Shayne's and mine, left New Market at 5:20pm and headed to Mt Hobson, the first of the 5 mountains that we planned on climbing. We could see the dark clouds in the distance and almost welcomed them in as the heat was unbearable but the rain never came.

Sharon was absolutely fine and kept up the whole way. Given that she's had a month or so off she gave a pretty impressive effort. The boys tried hard to cause friction in our team. Knowing how competitive I can be especially when competing against Shayne, my husband, they began to run, basically tempting me to keep up with them. Of course they also know that Sharon can't run just yet but we had already decided that we'd walk with her until she is ready to run. This meant that they were ahead after the second mountain, Three Kings.

We just walked at a steady pace and caught up with them.
Next we reached One Tree Hill where we waited for the boys to catch up. One of their team will certainly give us a run for our money and perhaps 2 but we are pretty confident that, all going well on the day, we should beat them.

We reached Mt St Johns and it was starting to feel cooler. Once again we waited for the boys and then we headed to Mt Eden. We reached the top well before the boys again and this time we signalled from the top that we'd head back to New Market.

All in all it was a good training session although there was no running. Thank heavens! I would like to do a 16km run on the weekend and run all the way to the village without walking and so let's see how that goes...


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