Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Map my Run

Tip: For those that are interested in finding out the distance of a certain route, the 'Map my Run' link on the right hand side of this blog page covers all round the world, that means you too in the UK.

Don't forget to change miles to kms.

Tip: You can also try mapometer which includes a calorie counter. I will try this out on my next run. (Thanks for this tip, Wendy! I'll add it to 'my links').

Let me know how your training is going. I enjoy hearing about your endeavours and would like to share some training tips or suggestions that you might have.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy

After a relaxing xmas break I am ready to get back into things. I now have a friend who is also on a mission to lose weight and get fit and we hope to do walks twice a week.

Although I haven't managed to run over the holidays I am still plan on doing the Waiheke 7km Wharf to Wharf walk/run this weekend http://www.wharf2wharf.co.nz/. I think it will get me pumped.

I had my first walk lastnight from Avonleigh to Blockhouse Bay Road, down Bolton and back home. For me running takes alot of motivation and effort so I am going to easy myself into it, I know that I will enjoy it once I found my rythm.

I prefer to use mapometer to track my run http://nz.mapometer.com/en/ especialy as it tells me how many calories I have burnt.

I hope to see you at the cathay pacific event hopefully walking/running the 11km.


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