Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cathay Pacific Training - Week 3 Done

Week three and it seems to me that I have done SO MUCH more but I have ticked the boxes of only 3 weeks, according to the program I am following.

The week started well with a short 6k run with Luke on Tuesday but Wednesday was such a busy day that I didn't manage to fit a run in which meant I had to go for 4 consecutive days in a row to ensure I stayed on track. Monday is always a rest day.

On Thursday I would normally run with Barry but he had other commitments and so I did my Wednesday's run with Luke and we went to Crum Park to do the hill training. 4 times up and down the steps on the top field and 3 fast runs around the field followed by a steady run home. Again, I think I prefer the longer runs!

Thursday was also Josh's knee operation which, thankfully, he came through in excellent shape albeit a bit of pain and a limp. He will rest until Sunday and then his mild exercise will begin.

Friday, Luke and I did our usual, Golf Rd (6kms) and we were spotted by MANY. Only a few hoots though so please call out or hoot if you see us. Thanks Catherine for your encouragement! Luke isn't a fan of Golf Rd as he finds it too hilly but I can see that he is getting used to it now and his stamina is improving. I had a job trying to keep up with him this time.

On Saturday we were forced to run in the rain again and went for a Pipe Line run which, I must say, was pleasant. One should never be put off from running in the rain. Having said that, it was my plan to run at 6am the next morning with Barry, the long run for the week but the rain was coming down HARD and at 5:30am I made the call to put the run off until later in the hope that the crazy weather settled. 10:30am was still a no go and so we agreed to go at 1:00pm no matter what. I met Barry at Golf Rd and we ran up to Titirangi, did the Pipe Line and then headed home along Titirangi Rd.

Just before we reached Golf Rd, Barry suggested turning down a lane that leads to Crum Park to run up the hills 3 times. NO WAY!!!! I thought. I was shattered and ready for home. Then he gave me the next tip, put the hard yards in now and on race day it'll seem really easy. I must admit, I was tempted and I realise that what he says is true but it was too hard for me to contemplate on the day. Maybe next time...

Week 3 done and dusted. Next week I am back to walking with my buddies and we'll do Wednesdays and Saturdays, Mt Hobson, Big King and Mt Eden and so I look forward to that. All other days I will follow the program.

I spoke to my brother, Steven, and he is also in training for a half marathon, of course with a view to nudging his time up a bit making it harder for me to beat but I have the same view and to reclaim the half marathon title for the Maddock family. I hope that all this training pays off. 


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