Sunday, April 4, 2010

Itching to Run

My two boys wanted to go for a run today and Shayne suggested we go for a walk. Just 6kms which is from home to the end of Golf Rd and back and so we all left together. The boys took off and Shayne and I walked at quite some distance behind them. As soon as we reached South Lynn Rd I had a strong desire to run. This, I believe, is because I only ever run this particular route unless I am walking with someone. Shayne's pace is a tad slower than mine and so he was behind me. I was on my own...

Once I reached Golf Rd the boys were way out of sight and I wondered if I started to run, would I catch them. However, this was to be just a walk today as I have to stay injury free and I don't need to be taking any chances at this stage.

Just as I reached the Golf course I met the boys running back. They were going well and again, I wished I was running with them. Not long to go now and I can get back into my running. I reached home in about 45 minutes about 10 minutes after the boys and about 10 minutes ahead of Shayne. Luke, our youngest chap, reached home first. That's rugby training for you.

I had a discussion today about doing the Auckland marathon again. I am told that entry forms go on-line next week. I don't want to miss out so will get the link up as soon as possible.

5 days to go, folks. I packed some of my gear today, my Gortex coat for if it rains, a warm hat for the night time leg, gloves, first aide kit and head light. From the last 2 years of doing this event I know that I will lose my appetite quite early on but I know that I have to eat which is why I have rice pudding, a good source of energy yet easy to swallow and tastes great. Thankfully, I love it cold straight from the tin - I MUST remember a tin opener...

The good news, it looks as though we have reached our $20000 fund raising target although it isn't showing up yet. Raffle is still going for the Bivouac gear, $5 for a number. We have about a third of the numbers to go. Let me know if you want one.


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