Sunday, April 25, 2010

1 Short, 1 Long

On Saturday we had a busy schedule and so time was precious. I was up early to go for a short run with Mrs G, only 6.5kms. The plan was to get short run over with so that I could go and watch Luke's first game of rugby for Kelston Boys High School, under 14's. They won against Avondale High - Yeeha!

I had planned on doing a longer run on Sunday, 16kms. This is my run up to and including the Pipe Line and back. Mrs G was keen to join me and we agreed to meet at the start of the Pipe Line to run together. It is up hill most of the way to the Pipe Line and a tough start to the run but really, once up to the village, the rest of the run is easy enough. We ran the Pipe Line together and back to the village. Then we walked some of the way down Titirangi Rd and all the way home.

Not a bad run but MUCH slower than I hoped. I am going for a walk tomorrow and again on Wednesday so far. Another busy week ahead and so it will be a matter of cramming them in when I can.

Up date soon...


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