Monday, April 19, 2010

These legs keep on moving

With no Shayne for the weekend I thought I'd head out for a wee hike. I started running down Hutchinson Ave towards New Lynn where I met Mrs G, and then we walked along Margan Ave, to Titirangi Rd and on to Scenic drive. When we reached the Pipe Line we decided to see how much of it we could run. We managed the whole 6ks and then walked back to Titirangi village where we stopped for breakfast.

Back on our feet and I was feeling a little stiff, we walked all the way back to my home for me to drive Mrs G back to hers. We were out for 3 hours.

I have a pain in the arch of my left foot that is probably from the Taupo walk and so I have to take it easy. I perhaps started back a tad prematurely...The problem I have is that I'm feeling SO fit now and I'm so aware of how quickly I can loose it. I want to keep the fitness up! I will try to rest up for a week and see how I go next weekend.


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