Friday, April 30, 2010

Lydiard Legend Marathon or Arthur's Half

Put it in you diary folks. Lydiard Legend Marathon or Arthur's Half Saturday 18 September.

This is another great challenge and I'm still deciding which one to do, the full or the half. Last year I did Arthur's Half but this year I'm seriously considering the Legend marathon. The date for this, however, is a tad close to the Auckland marathon which I have already entered.

I have to do some speed training as it appears I may have entered a half marathon in June, quite by chance and it is not in NZ...I am a tad vague about this particular event at the moment but I will add more information about it when I can...BEST get those legs moving!

I'd LOVE some company while training, if anyone wants to join me, as it helps my motivation to get out and go for a run. Short runs, long runs, speed runs, slow runs, I'm keen! I won't be following a training program this time, just my own judgement so lets see how I go.


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