Thursday, January 19, 2012

Exercising The Will Power - Week 2

My training has well and truly begun and it seems easier to get out for runs, at least at the moment. 

At the start of last week, Shayne and I went along to watch the tennis with one of the companies that works with Shayne and we were wined and dined for the evening. Nice food, endless drinks and great company. A big test for me as I could have drank what I wanted but needed to stay focused and had water and one glass of bubbles. No exercise for the day though as work commitments and tennis took priority for the day.

Last week also saw my mother in-law's 70th birthday in and we celebrated in style. I restricted my alcohol in-take to just one glass of bubbles, a big test of my will power! 

My running has started in preparation for my next challenge - The Northburn Station Ultra Marathon on Cromwell (50kms). I have been running with my boys, or at least leaving with them until they take off and leave me for dust! This type of event is off road and VERY hilly and my training will consist of 'time on my feet' and plenty of hill work. Let's see how I go...


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