Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thinking it Over - What's Next on the Agenda?

Back to it! On Saturday morning, I was on my way home after dropping Luke off for his cricket game, when I spotted Mrs G out for her mornings exercise and so I pulled over for a chat.

"Why don't you join me?" she asked.

We drove back to my house for me to get changed, abandoned my idea of a nice cooked breakfast with Shayne and Josh and we took off for a nice 2 hour walk and a good catch up. I'm telling you, people, it is SO good to get out with a friend for some regular exercise. We only walked but it was great! I'm not sure on how far, Mrs G is going to map it and get back to me.

I have had some ideas about my next physical challenges and I debriefed with my good friend who will support me when ever she can because that's what she does. Here are my thoughts and let me know what you think:
  • There is the Lactic Turkey event coming up in January which I did last year and it was SO HARD. (Refer to January blog for more info). While last year I did the half marathon and it shattered me, this year I thought I'd do the 16km run instead which I did 2 years ago and came in joint 2nd in our section. It is a tough course up through the Waitakeres (off road bush for those not from NZ).
  • Next, the Cathay Pacific half marathon which is in February (I think) and this time I will train with running buddies that will help me build on my speed to get the time that I'm looking for.
  • Then the Rotorua marathon which I have often thought about, on 1 May but this coincides with a team event that my Oxfam team mates are keen to do which brings me to my 4th possibility.
  • The Anaconda Adventure Race which is 24 April in Waihi. This event, if we do it, involves the 4 of us each taking up part of the course. To start will be Philomen, on a 1.6k swim followed by Suzie on a 14k ocean paddle, then I do my bit which is a 14k coastal trail run and then Sharon will do a 27k mountain bike back to all of us and we finish off with a 2k team run to the finish line.

I am pondering but would appreciate your thoughts. For those more local I'll need training buddies and so if you're up for a run, please join me. I always enjoy company.

You should start to see more training runs added to my blog as I get myself into the right frame of mind. I hope to include the tips I pick up from those that I run with and so stay tuned. Don't forget to hit on the link Traxee, a most inspirational website for us girlies that want to run.


Mandy Cunis said...

I can safely add a tick to the Anaconda event. My team mates are keen.

Mandy Cunis said...

I have also added Cathay Pacific half marathon which is at the end of Feb and my training is well under way.

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