Monday, November 16, 2009

My Blog begins

My next event is the Scott Wild Turkey Off-Road half marathon on the 16 January 2010 and my training has well and truly begun. Hit the link for more info.

Yesterday, Sunday, I went for a 6kms run and although the hills were a bit tough I returned home feeling pretty good with a boost of confidence as the time was better than I thought it would be.

Today was a run/walk for about an hour 20 with my very good friend, Mrs G. I'm not sure how far we ran/walked but it was a fair distance and a great opportunity to catch up - Life gets busy, you know, and so I like to grab the moment with my buddies, even if it means during a training run. It was a good run and I am starting to get that feeling of fitness. It seems to have taken ages to get this feeling back and I want to hold onto it for as long as I can.

I'll probably have a day off tomorrow as I have LOADS of kindy work to catch up on but I hope to get out again on Wednesday with some friends. We're planning on running up and down the mountains.


Marlise Shadbolt said...

Hey, great start to your Blog, when's the next event you talk about?
Nice to know that you are keeping up to date with the "Kindy" work - you go girl!!!!

Mrs G said...

What can I say Mrs C impressive come to mind. Blogging is the new way to go, it certainly an inviting way to say what's up and where your at. I Kinda like it for the simplicity of telling a life story and the uniqueness it offer much more personalised then facebook.
As you english say "darn good cuppa of tea" lol

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