Monday, November 30, 2009

A Change of Scene

Today, Mrs G and I covered 8kms and rather than our usual run around the streets between our houses, we decided to head up to Titirangi Village, park the car and walk to warm up towards the Pipe Line (Expedition Drive).

It is 6kms to the end of the Pipe Line and back and has some beautiful scenery. We met a lot of fellow runners and walkers which is great to see and there was a dad running along with his daughter beside him riding her bike. This brought me back to when my boys were younger and Shayne and I would run while they'd take off on their bikes. Happy memories...

Today's run was gentle and, once again, was a good catch up with my very good friend, Mrs G. It was her idea to have a change of scene this week and so it is my turn to pick the location next week. I know just the place and it will be tough but hey ho, no pain, no gain.

Let me know if there are any questions but in the mean time, until next time, happy running!


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