Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

No mountain climbs today as my fellow team mate took part in the Corporate Challenge and so I was left to my own mid week training session and decided to keep it local. Mrs G was also busy but thankfully, Sharon, our possible replacement for our injured team mate, joined me for a good, steady 2hr 10min walk and the hills went on forever. That's out West for you! Hills, hills and more hills.

I'm enjoying combining the running and walking as I'm working more muscles than if I was doing just running or just walking.

We have a visitor arriving to stay with us for a couple of days and so may not have time for a run but I will make every effort to throw 2 in for the weekend, short one on Saturday and a longer one on Sunday.

So far so good. Until next time folks...


Wendy said...

Hi Mandy

Reading your blog has been inspirational. I have been struggling with weight and other issues since having my little boy and have had many stops and starts in terms of exercise over the past 3 years. BUT I have bought some new running shoes and with summer upon us I have a renewed will to get going again. Your blog has given me some great ideas. Good luck with your training.

Wendy G

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