Saturday, October 2, 2010

On Again, Off Again, On Again - Marathon

Hi all,

It has been a while since my last post, mainly because I haven't done a great deal except work on my house which is still weeks away from the finish but hey ho, life goes on in the fast lane. At least now I have internal access to downstairs which is where the laundry is. Prior to the stairs going in I had to walk all the way around the outside of the house, through the mud and in through the back door. We are slowly but surely getting there.

It looks like I am doing the marathon again. My friend didn't realise that I was trying to give her my full marathon ticket, her preference was for the half marathon and so short of selling it on the Internet I can't waste it. That means I have to do it myself. The moment that I made the decision to do it, I felt great and planned my next run but with only 4 weeks to go I will not be ready. I am going for a big run tomorrow with Michelle and co, 32kms (20 miles). Will let you know how we go...

Some more news, my son, Luke, was selected for the U14 Auckland West rugby team and they lost the first 2 games. However, they beat the team that will be in the final tomorrow and so not a total loss. He was made captain too and so we are very proud of him.

He's the green number 5.


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