Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Bit of Both

Last Monday I went for a walk with Mrs G and we walked for about 1.5hrs. I appreciate our walks together more for the catch up but with the added bonus of a wee bit of exercise. With a couple of hills I broke out into a little sweat but nothing too hard. I hope that we can go again next week.

Mrs G is such a supportive friend as she has offered to walk some of the marathon with me and along the stretch towards Mission Bay. From memory of my last 3 marathons it is this stretch that I found the hardest as it is over the half way point but the body is aching and runners have already reached the turn around point and are on the home stretch of about 10ks while I am still struggling to reach the turn around. I get to see how good/bad they are and yet I know I haven't even reached their distance yet. Not good! Mrs G will be with me this time and so it will help me stay focused and keep going (that's my hope).

Today's run was about 18ks and included 4ks of walking. It was up hill for 50% of the run and down hill heading home. I ran with Michelle and co again and I noticed that they recovered much quicker than me on the hills and maintained stamina. Over this distance I was able to keep up although struggled at about 10ks. I was determined not to stop this time and tried hard to keep up with them.

I am delighted for the girls as they have kept up with their training and are looking good. I know that they are a little apprehensive, even now, about going the distance but I can't help but believe that they are well prepared. I find this quite inspirational and I am grateful for having them to run with. They are motivated runners and are already planning events beyond the marathon which will help me to stay on track.

2 weeks to go my friends and it will all be over.


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