Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Running With my Brother

My first training run in the UK for years was with my brother, Steven, and I left home at 6:40am to attempt a 21km run. This was an opportunity for me to check out some of the places I used to visit when I lived in here. While much of our run was through residential and industrial areas we also went through a place called Totteridge Lane. My friends and I used to go for picnics to this area as it is lush with trees and fields, cows and horses, quite scenic yet is still relatively close to my home.

We reached just over half way when my right foot started to cramp up. I have been running in my new shoes that I purchased with the spot prize voucher that I was lucky enough to win. I'm not sure yet that they are any good. I sat on a wall to take one shoe off and massage my foot, loosened the laces and got back to it. The whole time my brother was way ahead of me and I didn't enjoy the idea of him having to slow down for me. I haven't lived in London for 16 years and I have forgotten all the streets that were once my local haunts. I didn't want to get lost...

Sure enough, in Queensbury I took a wrong turn and became separated from my brother and so I was forced to ask for help. Back on track and heading towards Burnt Oak I felt a tad better and picked up my pace again. I wasn't sure on the distance I had covered and so ran the rest of the way home. I reached home before Steven but only because he ran the correct route and went back to look for me. Poor chap!

We looked up Mapometer and I covered just over 13.5miles while Steven ran 13.2miles, just over 21k so although I struggled a fair bit, Steven was absolutely fine. The time was not too good and so lots to improve on. Next run will be on Tuesday...


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