Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My new running shoes are giving me endless grief. Out on my 10mile/16k run today I was about 15k into it when my right foot got cramp and I slowed up. It started in my foot and went all the way up to my thigh. Unlike me I stopped and Steven, my brother, ran home to get the car to pick me up. NOT HAPPY! With only days until the half marathon things are not looking good. I hope I can complete the event.
I wish that I had brought my old trainers from NZ instead of the new. No more training runs now until the day. I think I need some luck!
I'll add my holiday photos when I get back to NZ. I'm having such a great time here with my friends and family. Still not missing NZ although I think about kindie heaps and of course Shayne and my boys. Love to all in NZ and see you in 2 weeks. xx


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