Thursday, May 20, 2010

Keep Watching

Last Sunday I went for a 16k run. It was long over due and so I needed to go, rain or shine. The plan was that I'd run up to the Pipe Line and meet Mrs G where we would run the Pipe Line together and then home. It was a slow run although I ran most of the Pipe Line on my own. Mrs G wanted me to run at my own pace given that I have a half marathon in a few weeks.

We did ok but Mrs G hurt her knee and so will be out of running for a bit. I believe she will continue with Zumba if anyone wants to join her. I'm holding off on that too until I am back on track in a month or so.

All going well, very soon I will add some photos and news but until then, keep checking in on my Blog as I like to keep in touch with you all. Just over 3 weeks until the half marathon...It won't be a fast one but it will hold such sentimental value and that is awesome. As I type I am filled with a rush of excitement! I CAN'T WAIT!


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