Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And Then There Were Four

Mid week training in the rain, it didn't stop us and I'm delighted I went. Sharon and I left home at 5:00pm and we were home by 7:00pm. We did the walk that we did last Wednesday and knocked 10 minutes off our time which was a big surprise given the weather conditions.

We walked at pace up through Titirangi Village, Scenic Drive, Pipe Line, down the hill at the end onto Woodlands Park Road and back to the Village, Titirangi Road and all the way home with a wee bit of running along the way.

The good news is that Sharon is happy to be our 4th team mate which is reassuring news. I can now look forward to next years challenge knowing that I have a great team behind me. With this weight off my mind I am now committed and focused on the tasks in hand which has boosted my motivation and I'd quite like to go for a nice, fast run to celebrate!

2010 has the makings of being a GREAT year with so much to look forward to already. I believe it could be as epic as this year. I hope you are all still following my Blog by then.

Next plan of action, well, we are heading out to run/walk the mountains on Saturday morning, quite possibly joined by Shayne, but I'm hoping to throw in a 6k run, Golf Road, before then, either tomorrow or Friday.

Happy days - I am really enjoying this time.


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