Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Easier Than We Thought

Sadly, no Sunday run this week. Still not feeling fighting fit with an ear infection which has been giving me a bit of grief - ear ache, dizziness and nausea feeling, which at times has been horrendous.

I took it easy instead in the hope that it would fix my ear and let the antibiotic do its job.

There was no way that I could miss Monday's walk with Mrs G and so I prepared myself for a good hike with plenty of water. Since it was my turn to choose a location I wanted to include hills to get that heart rate up. We drove up to Oratia and parked the car in between Shaw Road and Carter Road and do the loop: Up Carter and back down along Shaw until the end at Westcoast Road, back to the car. From memory, Carter Road is quite hilly but I have never run along Shaw Road and so had no idea what we were in for. It was just over 7kms all up and was no where near as tough as I thought. We decided to run along Shaw Rd as the walk hardly lifted the heart rate and to be honest, it seemed quite a non event. NEED to go out again for something a tad tougher. Better that we went but would prefer to run it than walk it next time.

Today, Wednesday and the eve of Christmas eve, my ear is finally starting to feel better. Still a tad painful at times but at least I don't have to take pain killers anymore. The antibiotic is finally working!


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