Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Powerful Teacher Presence

10 August 2010 - Education Leadership Project (ELP)

Julie Killick - Powerful Teacher Presence

What is it and how can we cultivate it?

Being present is not as easy as you might think! How often have you arrived somewhere and suddenly realised that you have very little recollection of the journey? Or maybe you reach for that cup of tea only to discover you have already drunk it? Where were you? Where are you moment to moment when you are teaching? This workshop explores cultivating powerful teacher presence, and quality engagement with children.

Being-ness is at the core of teaching and learning and the most important resource is me and my colleagues. Teachers should be self reflective as it increases understanding of themselves, how they teach and nurture their inner lives.

Being present is such a gift.

Julie Killick recommends that we should practice being present during habitual tasks and be 'in the moment' (In the moment...there is no future, no past and no fear.)

Some questions to reflect on:

How would I describe teacher presence?
Is my teacher presence abundant or not and how do I know?
Does teacher presence change and has my teacher presence changed over the years?
Do I deliberately nurture my teacher presence?

Just being aware of the above naturally increases my teacher presence.

Thank you for this work shop Julie and ELP.


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